Feb 17

Rendezvous Québec Cinéma

Turns out that the poster does look like that and Femmes des Casernes will premiere at this year’s Rendezvous in official competition

Jan 23

Femmes des Casernes

The program of the films in this year's Rendezvous will not be announced until February 11, 2020,

Nov 27

The Principle of Novelty

The term creativity was invented by Alfred North Whitehead on page 21 of Process and Reality (1929).

Mar 02

Feeling in 8 seconds flat

The New York Times reports that Microsoft surveyed Canadian media consumers and found that the average attention span of people over the age of 18 is now 8 seconds...

Feb 28

Henry and the Creativity of Mould Juice

I think I called him Dr. Mintzberg once. He is one of McGill’s most illustrious scholars. He regularly joins Drucker and Porter in article titles of premiere management mags...