The program of this year’s Rendez-vous will not be announced until February 11, 2020, so nobody knows if Shootfilms’ latest film

Femmes des Casernes/Firewomen,

Written & Directed by Louise Leroux

Written & Produced by Rick Blackburn

will be selected.

There is also no way to know if it will be one of the very few feature-length documentaries in official competition.

Or, one of only two documentary films included in the prestigious tapis-bleu press conference at the
Lion D’or Cabaret, 1676 Ontario St E on February 11th.

And it is impossible to know if the film will premiere on

Thursday, March 5 at 18:00 at Cineplex Quartier Latin’s main screen.

It would be really cool though…

If the film did premiere at the Rendez-vous on March 5,

Cinéma Beaubien might decide to program it on

March 8 as a one-night-only special presentation for

International Woman’s Day 2020

and then maybe Cinéma du Parc and Cinéma du Musée

would program the film the following week of

March 13-20

in an exclusive limited-run engagement.

The possibility of any of this happening is all just hypothetical until the

Rendez-vous announces its official

selections for 2020.

If however Femmes des Casernes is selected I think the poster should look like this…